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What do we do?

We invest in companies that makes the world a better place, and that help humanity reach their potential.

Here are some of the companies where we have invested:


Clean and sustainable energy is vital for both making the world better and fulfilling our potential. Thats why we are heavily invested in energy.

Tesla Inc

Tesla's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. This is spot on our core values. Of course we invest in Tesla. The first time we invested in Tesla was in january 2017, when the stock price was just above 200 USD. At this time the press was saying they might go bust. After that we have invested regulary at different price levels. We still see a great potential in this company.

Tesla is more than a car company. Tesla is building cars, but also infrastructure for charging these cars. They bought Solar City and will make solar panels to generate low cost, sustainable and clean energy. Combined with their batteries and all the cars connected to the grid (vehicle to grid , V2G) they will make sure energy is generated, saved, distributed and used in an environmenally friendly way. We have seen a lot of good stuff comming from Tesla and Elon Musk, and who know what next step he will take to make the world a better place.

Tesla is currently not paying dividens, so we will need to rely on others to help us with our daily cash flow. In the long term we still think Tesla is a good investment seen from both an ecological and economical view.

Scatec Solar AS

Scatec Solar is a frontrunner in renewable energy. They develop, build, own and operate solar power plants across emerging markets. The world needs clean energy, and will always do. As long as the sun is shining and the humans need clean energy Scatec Solar will be a good investment. We all know that we can not burn more oil to get our energy, and for us it makes perfect sense to invest in a solar energy company like Scatec Solar. Even Equinor, the big norwegian oil company has shares in this renewable company. In fact, they own 15% of Scatec Solar (june 2020).

Scatec Solar pays dividends, so they help us with our cash flow while saving the world at the same time.

Fortum Oyj
Fortum is a leading energy company in Finland. Fortum works in the field og energy production, waste management and EV charging. These are all businesses that are importand for maintaining a healthy earth for the human race.

Fortum is an established company, genersating a healthy business and paying a sensible dividend.

Nikola Motor Company
Nikola's mission is to transform the transportation industry while improving our employees’ lives and leaving the world a better place. This is spot on our core values. At the time being (2020) they have not delivered any products, and we do think that Tesla is better positioned to manage this. But while the ICE business is occupied arguing for their dinosaur solution, and using their engineers to figure out a way to fool us all, we would rather put our money in this start up company than in the ICE business. Nikola is focusing on hydrogen fuel cells to power their vehicles. Fuel cells and hydrogen is not an energy source, but combined with solar and wind power it is a fantastic way to store clean energy for heavy duty pplications such as trucks, ships and powerplants.

As a start up company Nikola is not paying dividens, and we dont expect them to do so in many years.

Nel's mission is to deliver optimal solutions to produce, store, and distribute hydrogen from renewable energy. We strongly belive in a future where solar and wind power is fueling our world, and in that scenario we see hygrogen as an imprtant part for storing and distributing energy. NEL is an important part if this. NEL is known to supply Nikola with hygrogen filling stations.


Nel has not yet reached the stage when it can pay dividends from ongoing earnings.

TRIG - The Renewable Investment Group
The Renewable Investment Group is a listed investment company whose purpose is to generate sustainable returns from a diversified portfolio of renewables infrastructure that contribute towards a zero-carbon future. This is talking directly to our hearts, and since we belive that investors actually can influence the world in a positive way, we join this group. TRIG invests in wind, solar and battery storage.

TRIG is paying a stable dividend to support their investors.

Ocean Energy ASA
Ocean Energy is developing a system for harvesting clean energy from the waves. Our founder has great interest in both clean energy and the oceans (with two Atlantic crossings in a pleassure boat), so it makes sense to support this project. We need all the clean energy we can get, and we believe in a mix of solar, wind, waves and so on.

As a start up Ocean Energy is not paying dividend yet.

Information technology

We believe that information technology will be an important part of our long term sustainable world, and very important for making the human race reach their potential. We're not talking about advertising on facebook, but we are talking about self driving cars, the great AI, algorithms for optimalization of processes and most of all the things we have not yet seen. This is like talking about the iPhone in 2005, or the Tesla Model S in 1995, or e-mail in 1975. We acknowledge that we do not se the full potential of this business today, but we do belive it is there, and we think that this business will bring some sort of good things (even if we know that it will also bring bad things).

Apple Inc

One of the great things we like about Apple is that they succeed in challengeing the status quo. If we really want to change the world, we need to think different. Apple has a good track record here. Our vision is to fulfill the human potential, and the information technology Apple develops is helping us do so. At least, when we use Apple products in our daily life we feel enhansed, and we never want to go back to the Telex or the Telefax.  We dont know what Apple brings next, but it might be that these guys come up with the great solution for a problem we struggle with today. In the mean time we use their dividens to propell our investments in clean energy.

Apple generates a lot of cash, and pays a fair amount of dividens.

Alphabet Inc
Alphabet is most known for owning Google, the search engine that developed into so much more. Our motivation for investing in Alphabet and Google is that we think information technology will be a great and positive part of our future. We can not tell you how, but we still think it does. Nobody realised the power of the internet before they had used it. Nobody understood the power of an online search engine before they used one, and nobody understood the power of the iPhone before Steve Jobs showed us one. OK, all these things are not thanks to Google and Alphabet, but they show us that information technology has the ability to do so much good things. Alphabet and Google is such a great part of the information technology industry, so we just have to own a part of this. Who knows what the future brings?

The founders Larry and Sergej still look at their companies as a start up, and refuses to pay dividens. Thats OK for us, as long

as they invest the money wisely.

Traditional industry might be boring in this context, but we still accnowledge that some people need to get the job done. We can not all work in the information technology business with free food and bean bags

Jotun AS
Jotun protects property. We can not all build new things. Some of us need to take care of things as well. Jotun is a paint company, and their paint preserves and protects valuables. It is good environmental policy to protect things and reuse things. In addition to this Jotun has a good mindset and good values. They produce locally worldwide, and are a good benefit for the local communities where they operate. With their origin and still head office in Sandefjord, Norway, they are located in the same town as us. It feels good to be a part of Jotun, locally all over the globe.

Jotun runs a healthy business and has a sensible mix of dividend and investments for the future.

Yara ASA

Yara's mission is both simple and very ambitious: Provide food to the world's people and protect the earth in a responsible manner.

We all need food, and we all need it to be grown efficient and responsably. Yara is providing crop nutrition solutions tailored to the local environment. We belive this is a good way to make life better.

Yara runs a healthy business and pays dividend.

Veidekke ASA
Veidekke is one of Scandinavia‘s largest construction and property development companies. The company undertakes all types of building construction and civil engineering contracts, develops residential projects, maintains roads, and produces asphalt and aggregates. Infrastructure is an important part of human wellbeing. Our investment in Veidekke also diversifies our portifolio, and gives us dividends for our future growth.

Veidekke pays dividend.

Ocean Yield ASA
We've invested in Ocean Yield for a long time, and this stock has been with us from the time before we started fully focusing on energy and sustainable solutions. The good thing about this stock is that they pay us a good amount of dividend, that we can invest in our focus areas. Ocean Yield is a ship owning company with investments within oil-service and shipping.

Ocean Yield is paying a good dividend.

Harley-Davidson Inc
Our founder is a motorcycle enthusiast, and has a great interest in this iconic brand. Harley-Davidson fulfill dreams through the experiences of motorcycling. We can argue that this fits our focus on making the world better, and fulfilling the human potential, but to be honest this is an investment that is more for fun than for the human benefit. We saw a great potential in their sustainable focus when they launched their electric motorcycle, but we still need to see that they really mean it before we can call this company sustainable. So far it has been more fuzz than actual impact.

Harley-Davidson pays dividend, even if they struggle. We use that dividend to invest in sustainable solutions.

Polaris Industries
When we own Harley-Davidson, it makes perfect sens to also own Polaris Industries. Polaris makes the iconic Indian Motorcycle, in addition to other transportation products. We own them to have the competetor of Harley in our range, and to have some traditional industry. We acknowledge that these two companies does not fit our strategy, but we get dividends that we can use on our focus areas.

Polaris pays a sensible dividend that we can use.

Real Estate
Real estate does not fit our strategy, buy we all need to have a place to run our business. Since we need that place anyway, we like to own it. Being in that business, opportunities come by.

Bedre Plass AS
Bedre Plass AS is a local real estate company investing in apartments for domestic use.

No dividend. 

Bekke Eiendom AS
Bekke Eiendom AS is a local real estate company investing in commercial buildings.

No dividend. 


Our company was founded as a holding company (owning company) for the tradeing company of our founder. It still is. 

Bedre Inneklima AS
Imagine a world where all people have clean and safe air, without pollution, mildew, pollen and other air related ailments. This is the vision of Bedre Inneklima AS. Bedre Inneklima AS works to make a positive dent in the human health, and to make the world a better place. We own 100% of Bedre Inneklima AS. 

Bedre Inneklima AS has a good mix of dividend and investments for future growth. We use the dividend to further improve the world by investing in companies that believe what we believe, and makes the world better for both the current population and the future population.

We own a part of Amazon, but we really can't tell you why. It is a successful company, and we've been there for a while, so they have generated a good profit for us so far. Amazon aims to be the Earth’s most customer centric company. Thats a good statement for what they do, but we doubt it makes the world significantly better. Some people say that if you cant beat them, you have to join them. That might be the reason we joined them? We were in doubt if we should put this company in the category for trade or information technology. We think the potential for good things lies in their information technology, even if the business today is more trade and logistics.

Amazon is still investing, and does still look at every day as day one. They will not pay a dividend for ages, but we believe their value will go up, up and up. 

If we buy Amazon, we might as well buy Alibaba, and we did. China will be a great part of our future.

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